What Les Brown, World's Highest Paid Speakers Has To Say About Al
"If You're Just Looking For Someone To Tell You Everything Is Alright, Al Isn't Your Guy.
But If You Need Someone To Keep You Dead Accountable To Your Goals And Dreams,
And Give You Key Insights To Make Them Come True, He's The Best Of The Best"
- Mark Chauffer
"My weekly calls with Al made me get more done in a few months than I had ever before.
I always had big goals, but they were more like hopes and dreams,
Al got me to build momentum towards them and actually focus on achieving them. "
- Joanne Anderson

Have A Big Goal You Want To Achieve? 
Or Just Sick And Tired Of Feeling Sick And Tired? 

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"I found Al by accident. I don't know why, but I kept getting his emails, and I felt like he was talking directly to. I love his emails, and those alone helped get me through some tough times, but I knew I needed more. I hired Al to mentor me and it has changed my life."
- Erica Hansley

I want to start off by offering you my Success Magnet goal setting kit.

Often, I do this with my clients on our first call, but feel free to get started on your own and we'll review together. 

You can download the PDF by clicking HERE

By simply taking a chance on me, and grabbing this free guidebook, you've already put yourself in the top 5% of the world. 

Now, it doesn't end here... 

In fact, if this is as far as you go, odds are nearly perfect that you won't achieve anything.

And the next year will be - unfortunately - just like your last. 

Here's the thing... you need to actually use the guidebook, you need to write your goals, and you need to keep yourself dead accountable to them. 

For most people, procrastination is the real stealer of dreams. 

That's where I step in... 

Every week, for dozens of clients throughout Canada and the United States, I jump on a quick, 30 minute Power Up call to keep my clients accountable for their actions, driven towards the future, and focused on the very next steps ahead of them. 

Right now, you have an opportunity here to achieve more in the next 12 months, than you have in the past 10 years. 

But, fair warning... 

There's a reason my clients lose 100's of pounds, build new businesses in half the time, rekindle their relationships and find meaning and purpose in life...

I'm not your average coach.

I specialize in getting shit done. 

In keeping you committed to your goals. 

In helping you push through life's challenges and obstacles. 

In helping you go after your dreams, even when you don't feel like it. 

From weight loss, to finding purpose in life, to striving towards a new career, to finding true happiness in daily life, to connecting and bonding with your family, to... you name it. 

I help you take charge of your life, so you can create a life on your terms. 

If you are serious about your 2021 goals, let's partner up in making sure you achieve them, once and for all. 

You are not defined by your past, but repeating the same will simply give you more of the same. 

Let's not waste another year, let's jump on a call tomorrow and start building your future. 

To your success, 


PS - I only accept a handful of coaching clients each year because, unlike others, I keep myself 100% responsible in making sure YOU reach your goals. This takes a lot of time, effort and commitment to you - something I don't take lightly. 

If you're ready to get serious about feeling better, and DOING BETTER, act now. 
"Al has been kicking my ass in gear for 6 months now, and I wouldn't skip our call for anything. He helped me grow my business, lose the beer gut, and taught me to get real about my life and stop being a victim. I'm now, in my 40's, happier, and have the purpose I spent most of my life trying to find. Thanks Al!!"
- Chris K.

Frequently Awesome Questions

Q: WHO Is This For?

A: You might think I'm about to say "everyone can use a coach", but that's simply not true. 

So, let's start by telling you who this is NOT for...

If you've settled, if you've decided to accept your lot in life, if you've stopped thinking about better days, a better livelihood, and an overall better life... 

I can't help you. 

Heck, no one can. 

BUT, if you know in your heart you're destined for more, this is for you. 

Breakthrough coaching is for the individual who's: 
  • Someone who's already doing good but knows they could be doing GREAT.
  • Someone who's going through hell and isn't ready to give up.
  • Someone who's tired of settling for where they are and serious about stepping up.
  • Someone who's hit a plateau and needs insight to breakthrough the glass ceiling.
  • Someone who's got great ideas, goals and dreams, but just needs accountability and discipline.
  • ​Someone who's found themselves with a problem, and knows they need outside advice to get them out of it. 
  • Someone who's down and out, and needs a hand that won't kid them, and will tell it like it is.  

Q: What Does A Typical Call Look Like? 

A: Most clients benefit from weekly, 30 minute breakthrough calls. Sometimes, if both our schedules allow it, we'll go over the time, but for most cases, 30 minutes is the sweet length to focus each week on YOU. 

My primary philosophy is BE - DO - HAVE. 

In other words, you BEcome someone FIRST, before you can DO the right actions, which will allow you to HAVE what you're after. 

Think of the lottery winner who wins millions overnight, and loses it all in record time. What happened? They gained a million dollars, but they never BECAME a millionaire. And, because of that, they lost it all. 

Statistics are staggering, and the evidence is clear as day - the reason big goals are hard to achieve is to help you BECOME the person worthy of the goal. 

In plain English... You need to learn how to ride a bike before you can win the Tour De France. 

Throughout each of our calls, I'll guide you through the steps required to become who you need to become, to achieve what you want to achieve. 

As the philosophy of success builds, we start taking action. 

Our calls typically start off with a recap of the progress made since our previous calls. Accountability is KEY o success, and I make sure - each week - that you are doing the things you committed to doing to achieve your goals. 

Next, we talk about pain points - what you're struggling with, what's holding you back, what inner demons are eating your soul - and work through them. 

From there we focus on keeping you focused on the big WHY, and make sure you are making steady progress forward. 

Last, but not least, we end each call making sure you uplifted, on fire for life, and ready to crush every obstacle in your way.

Q: How Long Do Most Clients Use Coaching?  

A: This is by far something I'm most proud of... All of my clients, months and month later, are STILL clients. 

Why? Because there's immense power behind knowing someone other than you is keeping YOU accountable to your dreams. 

With that being said, we always start with a 3 month program.

3 months is enough to overcome most minor obstacles and challenges in life. 

From there, it's all about transparency. Some clients need more, and continue with weekly calls, while others switch to bi-weekly calls, some monthly, and some a quarterly checkup. 

Accountability - Motivation - Success Strategies

"If you're looking for someone who's going to kick your butt and take your life to greatness, Al is your man!" 
Les Brown
Friend, Mentor, 
Past Business Partner

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